BHI Conference 2017

First Annual BHI Conference on Black Holes

Monday, May 8 and Tuesday, May 9, 2017 
Sheraton Commander Hotel, 16 Garden Street, Cambridge, MA 

Black Hole Simulation

Monday, May 8, 9:00AM-5:30PM

Avi Loeb: Welcome

Session 1: LIGO
Session Chair: Ramesh Narayan

Scott Hughes: Black Hole Physics via Gravitational Waves  |  Slides
Dan Holz: LIGO's Black Holes  |  Slides
Deirdre Shoemaker: Binary Black Holes  |  Slides
Matt Evans: From Nothing to Everything - Binary Black Holes and the Next Generation of Gravitational Wave Detectors  |  Slides

Session 2: General Relativity
Session Chair: Ramesh Narayan

Clifford Will: Relativistic Evolution of Orbits Around Spinning Massive Black Holes  |  Slides
Emanuele Berti: Testing the Kerr Paradigm with Gravitational Wave Observations  |  Slides
Dimitrios Psaltis: Testing General Relativity with Black Holes |  Slides
Reed Essick: Testing General Relativity with Gravitational Waves in the Presence of Matter Effects Within Neutron Star Mergers  |  Slides

Session 3: Physics
Session Chair: Andrew Strominger

Alejandra Castro Anich: Extreme Measures for Extremal Black Holes: Recent Theoretical Developments on Black Hole Entropy  |  Slides
Glenn Barnich: BMS Current Algebra and Field Dependent Central Extension  |  Slides
Stefanos Aretakis: Tails of Linear Waves on Black Holes  |  Slides
Monica Guica: The Kerr/CFT Correspondence and String Theory  |  Slides

Session 4: Supermassive Black Holes
Session Chair: Avi Loeb

Chung-Pei Ma: Supermassive Black Hole and Galaxy Coevolution?  |  Slides
Jeremiah Ostriker: Black Hole Accretion: The Generality of Inflow-Outflow Solutions  |  Slides
Marta Volonteri: The Feeding Cycle of Massive Black Holes  |  Slides
Zoltan Haiman: Dirty Black Hole Mergers  |  Slides

Tuesday, May 9, 9:00AM-5:30PM

Session 5: Math/Philosophy
Session Chair: Shing-Tung Yau

David Kaiser: Coordinated Blasts: From H-Bomb Simulations to Numerical Relativity  |  Slides
Lars Andersson: New Conservation Laws for Fields on the Kerr Spacetime  |  Slides
Lydia Bieri: Gravitational Wave Memory in Cosmological Spacetime  |  Slides
Sean Gryb: Singularity Resolution Through Dynamical Quantum Gravity  |  Slides

Session 6: Astronomy
Session Chair: Sheperd Doeleman

Janna Levin: Black Hole Pulsar
Volker Bromm: Black Holes in the High-Redshift Universe  |  Slides
Priyamvada Natarajan: New Insights into the Assembly of Massive Black Holes  |  Slides
Edo Berger: Signatures of Black Hole Formation in Neutron Star Binary Mergers  |  Slides

Session 7: EHT
Session Chair: Ramesh Narayan

Sheperd Doeleman: EHT 2017: The End of the Beginning
Charles Gammie: Plasma Toupees  |  Slides
Avery Broderick: Black Hole Cinema: Variability on the Horizon
Michael Johnson: Imaging the Magnetic Field Structure and Dynamics Near a Black Hole with the Event Horizon Telescope  |  Slides

Session 8: Philosophy
Session Chair: Peter Galison

Lydia Patton: Listening to the Chirps: Estimating Black Hole Parameters Using the LIGO Results  |  Slides
Erik Curiel: Classical Black Holes Are Hot |  Slides
David Wallace: Questions for Black Hole Evaporation from Quantum Statistical Mechanic  |  Slides
Jeroen van Dongen: History and Philosophy of the Black Hole Information Paradox  |  Slides

Scientific Organizing Committee:
Avi Loeb (Director), Sheperd Doeleman, Ramesh Narayan
Andrew Strominger, Peter Galison, Shing-Tung Yau

Local Organizing Committee:
Bill Nehring, Nina Zonnevylle