BHI Conference 2018

Second Annual BHI Conference on Black Holes

Wednesday, May 9 through Friday, May 11, 2018 
Sheraton Commander Hotel, 16 Garden Street, Cambridge, MA 

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The following Talks were presented at the Conference...

Opening Remarks by Avi Loeb

Session 1: Chair, Shep Doeleman
Aron Wall: Black Holes and the Second Law
Pablo Laguna: The Role of Black Hole Horizons in Numerical Simulations,
Feraz Azhar: Quantifying fine-tuning in the early universe: Primordial Black Holes and Habitable Halos.

Session 2: Chair, Andrea Puhm
Malcom Perry: Black Hole Entropy and Soft Hair
Alessandra Buonanno: New Perspective in Black-Hole Spectroscopy
Lydia Bieri: Gravitational Wave Memory

Keynote Talk by Rainer Weiss, Professor Emeritus MIT and Nobel Prize Laureate 2017

Session 3: Chair, Ramesh Narayan
Laura Brenneman: Black Hole Spin Measurements in AGN
Shiraz Minwalla: Black Hole Dynamics at large D
Juan Maldacena: Wormholes
Remembering Stephen Hawking: Andy Strominger and Malcom Perry
Session 4: Chair, Erik Curiel
Andreas Eckart: Evidences for the presence of a SMBH at the Center of the Milky Way
Charles Gammie: Simulations of Accreting Black Holes
Jenny Greene: Black Holes and Galaxy Evolution
Interdisciplinary Discussion: How Do we prove Black Holes are Real?
Moderated by Ramesh Narayan
Session 5: Chair, Paul Chesler
Alex Lupsasca: Polarization Whorls from M87 at the Event Horizon Telescope
Silke Weinfurtner: Hydrodynamic rotating black holes; From superradiance to quasi- normal modes
Gary Horowitz: Cosmic Censorship in anti-de Sitter spacetime
Session 6: Chair, Laura Donnay
Pitor Chrusciel: Black Holes with a negative Cosmological Constant
Mu-Tao Wang: Quasilocal mass at null infinity
Daniel Harlow: Factorization in Quantum Gravity
BHI Goals and Progress: Avi Loeb, Shep Doeleman, Andy Strominger, Peter Galison, Ramesh Narayan and Denis Gray
Session 7: Chair, Peter Galison
Carl Hoefer: Foundational Wuestions in Black Hole Physics, A difficult meeting ground for philosophers and physicists
Douglas Stanford: A Black Hole Double Cone
Hysin-Yu Chen: Gravitational Wave Precision Cosmology
Session 8: Chair, Michael Johnson
Jean Eisenstaedt: Before the Black Hole Concept: Einstein and Relativists
Nima Arkani-Hamed: The EFThedron
Closing Comments from Avi Loeb
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