BHI Colloquium


Monday, February 7, 2022, 11:00am to 12:00pm


BHI Meeting room

Lena Murchikova (Astronomy) - IAS, Princeton

Title: Sagittarius A* in its Natural Habitat

Abstract: The inner two parsecs of the Sagittarius A* is a complex region filled with multiple extended structures. These structures contain gas of different phases: hot X-ray emitting gas phase at T>10^7 K, cool phase at T~10^4 K, and cold neutral phase at T>~ few K. Until recently the contribution of cool and cold phases to the inner accretion flow onto the black hole been largely ignored. In 2019, using ALMA observations I discovered a disk of cool gas within 10^4 R_sch from the black hole, indicating that the cool gas can survive quite close to it. In this talk, I will discuss the properties of the cool disk and the multiphase accretion onto Sagittarius A*. I will show a preview of our new realistic simulations of the inner few parsecs of the Galactic Center. For the first time, we simulate contribution of the most prominent cold and cool structures to the multiphase accretion into our local supermassive black hole.

Bio: Elena Murchikova works on the interface between theoretical physics and observational astronomy. Her research interests span the Milky Way’s Galactic Center, black hole accretion, exoplanets, star formation, neutron stars, and general relativity.

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