BHI Colloquium


Tuesday, November 5, 2019, 1:30pm to 2:30pm


BHI Meeting Room

Charles Gammie (University of Illinois)

Title: The Next Generation of Theory for EHT

Abstract: The first EHT images were consistent with expectations based on synthetic observations of GRMHD simulations. Analysis of the images combined with other astronomical data provided constraints on the accretion rate, magnetization, and magnitude and direction of the black hole spin. The next generation of EHT images will demand a thorough review of the theory, a clear error budget attached to model uncertainties, and development of fundamentally new methods for comparison of the data with time-dependent models. In this brief and biased talk I will highlight what I see as the most critical unsolved problems for the next generation of EHT related theory.

Alberto Sesana (University of Milan)

Title: The long term view of gravitational waves astronomy

Abstract: Following detection by advance LIGO, gravitational wave (GW) stocks are on the rise. Despite their enormous impact, ground based detectors are only sensitive to GW sources in the audio band and currently in a relatively small volume. The picture will dramatically evolve in the next two decades. 3G detectors on the ground will unveil compact binary mergers up to very high redshift; the low frequency GW Universe, still unexplored, will be probed by future spaceborne interferometers such as LISA and ongoing and future pulsar timing arrays IPTAs, ushering a new era in the exploration of the Cosmos. I will discuss the main sources of 3G interferometers LISA and PTAs, detection prospects, synergies with ground based detectors and implication for astrophysics and fundamental physics.