BHI Colloquium, October 10 | "The Infinite-Dimensional Symmetries of Black Hole Horizons," Laura Donnay | “Information Loss and Bulk Reconstruction in AdS_3/CFT_2,” Andrew Fitzpatrick | "The History of Images in Black Hole Research," Emilie Skulberg


Tuesday, October 10, 2017, 1:30pm to 2:30pm


BHI Conference Room (211) 20 Garden Street, Cambridge

Laura Donnay
Black Hole Initiative
Harvard University

Infinite-dimensional symmetries have proved to play a key role in our current understanding of black hole physics. Very recently, new surprising connections have been discovered between the infinite-dimensional symmetries of asymptotically flat spacetimes, the so-called BMS symmetries, and the infrared behavior of gravitational theories. In this talk, I will review the existence of these symmetries at null infinity and then show that they are also present in the near-horizon region of black holes. I will prescribe a physically sensible set of boundary conditions at the horizon and derive the algebra of asymptotic Killing vectors, which will be shown to contain an infinite number of supertranslations and superrotations.

Andrew Fitzpatrick
Boston University

We discuss how the dynamics of semiclassical gravity in 3d AdS follow from the large central charge limit of irreducible representations of the conformal algebra of 2d CFTs, with a focus on black hole information loss and bulk reconstruction. We describe recent and ongoing work to extract “non-perturbative” (in Newton’s constant) gravitational effects from the exact behavior of such irreps at large but finite central charge.


Emilie Skulberg
University of Cambridge

See also: Philosophy, Physics