Next Generation EHT Conference 2021

It is our pleasure to invite you to the upcoming conference, Science at the Horizon: The Next Generation Event Horizon Telescope. This will be an online-only meeting open to people across the scientific community.

It will be held on February 22–26, 2021. To register and learn more, please visit

Release of the first black hole image on 10 April 2019 has highlighted new possibilities of using event horizon scale precision measurements to address fundamental questions in astronomy and physics. EHT results have already constrained exotic black hole alternatives, determined the mass and spin orientation of the M87 black hole, and revealed the black hole shadow predicted by General Relativity, with more results expected with continued observations. Through the addition of new telescopes and higher observing frequencies, a next-generation EHT (ngEHT) can be engineered with substantially improved imaging capabilities to achieve a broad range of transformative science goals related to black hole accretion, jet physics, and strong-field GR.  


This ngEHT science meeting will bring together experts in black hole astrophysics and VLBI technology.  We will discuss the driving science goals, and the algorithmic and technical developments that are required to achieve them. The ngEHT will require a global collaborative effort, so there will be opportunities to discuss coordination of international efforts with the aim of assembling a new instrument capable of visionary science within this decade.  

Conference topics will include:

  • Astrophysics at the Horizon: Accretion and Jet Launching

  • Exploring Black Hole Populations with the ngEHT

  • Multi-messenger Science with Black Holes

  • Testing Gravity with Black Hole Images

  • ngEHT Architecture and Optimization

Please contact the local organizing committee with any questions:

We hope to see you there!