James Guillochon

James Guillochon

Affiliate, Black Hole Initiative
Fellow, Institute for Theory and Computation
James Guillochon

James Guillochon's research is primarily interested in transient phenomena in time domain astronomy, including strong tidal encounters between bodies, collisions of stars, and supernovae. He is currently working on the hydrodynamics and appearance of the tidal disruptions of stars by supermassive black holes.

James received his undergraduate degree in physics from UC Irvine, and wrote his senior thesis with James Bullock. After college he worked at HRL Laboratories for two years, where he developed algorithms for distributed sensor networks.

James became a graduate student at UCSC in 2007, where he worked primarily with Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz, Doug Lin, Erik Asphaug, and Stephan Rosswog. 

In addition to his research, he designed Vox Charta, an astro-ph discussion website for astronomy and astrophysics departments, the Open Supernova Catalog, a complete catalog of supernova data, and the Open Tidal Disruption Catalog, a catalog of suspected tidal disruption events.

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