Graduate Students

Brandon Curd

Brandon Curd

Phd student, Department of Astronomy
Brandon is doing his doctoral work in the Astronomy Department. He works with Professor Narayan on general relativistic radiation magnetohydrodynamics... Read more about Brandon Curd
Daniel Palumbo

Daniel Palumbo

PhD student: Harvard University, BHI

I am a graduate student in the Astronomy department at Harvard University. I work with the Event Horizon Telescope to form images from Very-Long-Baseline...

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Yichen (Lily) Shi

Yichen (Lily) Shi

Graduate Student, Black Hole Initiative
Graduate Student, Department of Physics

I am a graduate student in theoretical physics at Harvard, working with Professor Andrew Strominger on Kerr black holes. We use an emergent near-horizon...

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p: 617-496-8807
xiawei wang

Xiawei Wang

Phd student: Harvard University, Department of Astronomy