Spring 2020

BHI Colloquium


BHI Colloquium - Spring 2020


"Dynamics of black hole accretion. Of flux-tubes, plasmoids and transient phenomena" - Oliver Porth (Astronomy) - University of Amsterdam
"Simulating the full VLBI datapath to explore future EHT observations" - Michael Janssen (Astronomy)- Radboud University
"The instability of Anti-de Sitter spacetime: Recent progress" - Georgios Moschidis (Physics) - UC Berkeley
"Accretion Physics from Polarized Black Hole Images" - Jason Dexter (Astronomy) - University of Colorado at Boulder
"Recent developments in Strong Cosmic Censorship" - Peter Hintz (Mathematics) - MIT
"Einstein's War: How World War I Made Relativity" - Matthew Stanley (Philosophy) - NYU
"Photon Rings of Black Holes" - Alex Lupsasca (Physics) - Harvard University
"Unraveling Gravitational Wave Memory Structures" - Lydia Bieri (Mathematics) - University of Michigan
"Observational signatures of near-extremal Kerr black holes" - Gaurav Khanna (Astronomy) - UMass Dartmouth
"Censorship and the Limits of GR" - Christopher Smeenk (Physics) - Western University
"Numerical Relativity & Cosmology: An interesting case study" - Anna Ijjas (Physics) - Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics
"On an invariant notion of angular momentum at null infinity" - Mu-Tao Wang (Mathematics) - Columbia University
"The Sharpest View of Blazar Jets through Space and Millimeter VLBI Observations" - Jose L. Gómez (Astronomy) - Instituto Astronomico de Andalucía
"Universal Polarization of the Photon Ring" - Mina Himwich (Physics) - Harvard University
"Two concepts of quantum individuation" - Tomasz Bigaj (Physics) - University of Warsaw
"Kerr black holes and time machines" - Juliusz Doboszewski (Physics) - University of Bonn
"Growing up. The next generation of black holes moves out of the cluster" - Davide Gerosa (Astronomy) -  University of Birmingham
"MAD vs. SANE: Discriminating Magnetic Field Configurations in Polarized Simulations of M87" - Daniel Palumbo (Astronomy) - Harvard University
"Relativistic three-body effects in hierarchical triples" - Halston Lim (Astronomy) - MIT Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research
"Dynamical damping of the cosmological constant: a proof of concept" - Kevin Nguyen (Physics) - Harvard University
"The Cosmic Censorship Conjecture in Quantum Gravity" - Netta Engelhardt (Physics) - MIT
"How to build a K3 surface" - Max Zimet (Physics) - Harvard University
"Mass, and its positivity?, for solutions of Einstein equations with negative cosmological constant" - Piotr Chrusciel (Philosophy) - University of Wien
"Probing the binary black holes merger rate history with stochastic gravitational wave background searches" - Mohammadtaher Safarzadeh (Astronomy) - UC Santa Cruz
"Leaky boundary conditions and the backreaction in AdS2" - Achilleas Porfyriadis (Physics) - Harvard University
"How Do Black Holes Form?" - Martin Lesourd (Mathematics) - Harvard University
"What can we infer from black hole images?" - Frederic Vincent (Astronomy) - Paris Meudon Observatory
"The Information Paradox in the Age of Holographic Entanglement Entropy" - Netta Engelhardt (Physics) - MIT