Spring 2021

BHI Colloquium


BHI Colloquium - Spring 2021


1:30 - 2:30 pm Eastern Time (unless otherwise stated)


"The chiral puzzle of life" - Noemie Globus (Astronomy) - ELI beamlines/Flatiron Institute (CCA)
- January 26, 2021:
"Symmetries, observables, and entropy of black hole horizons" - Antony Speranza (Physics) - Perimeter Institute
"Parsec-Scale Jetted Outflows Powered by Supermassive Black Holes" - Matthew Lister (Astronomy) - Purdue University
"Constraints on ultralight scalar bosons within black hole spin measurements from LIGO-Virgo’s GWTC-2" - Ken Ng (Astronomy) - MIT
"The Wagers of Science: The Numerical Relativity binary black hole breakthrough and its implications" - Daniel Kennefick (Philosophy) - University of Arkansas
"Insights into the Feeding Habits of Supermassive Black Holes from “Changing-Look” AGN" - Stephanie LaMassa (Astronomy) - Space Telescope Science Institute
"A new instability for higher dimensional black holes" - Gabriele Benomio (Mathematics) - Princeton University
- March 16, 2021:
"Population Synthesis in Gravitational-Wave Astrophysics" - Lydia Patton (Philosophy) - Virginia Tech
"Black Hole Spin and Accretion Disk Properties obtained with a New Method for 750+ Sources" - Ruth Daly (Astronomy) - Penn State University
"Gravitational-wave astronomy and the two-body problem in its small-mass-ratio limit" - Adam Pound (Physics) - University of Southampton
"The nonlinear stability of the Schwarzschild family of black holes" - Martin Taylor (Mathematics) - Imperial College
"Cosmological Singularities in General Relativity: The Complete Sub-Critical Regime" - Jared Speck (Mathematics) - Vanderbilt University
"Testing the nature of black holes: towards precision ringdown tests" - Aaron Zimmerman (Physics) - University of Texas
"Constraining the spin parameter of near-extremal black holes using LISA" - Ollie Burke (Physics) - Max Planck Institute
"Intermediate-mass black holes: love it or list it " - Giacomo Fragione (Astronomy) - Northwestern University (CIERA)