Upcoming EHT talks

April 12 (1:00-2:00 pm) MIT Media Lab: Bartos Theater, Presentations and Panel Discussion with Lindy Blackburn, Michael Johnson and Vincent Fish, hosted by Joe Paradiso. Additional Infomation

April 15 (3:00-5:00 pm) EHT Panel discussion at Science Center Hall B following International Press Conference in Washington DC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6ZnAdNQNVo&t=6s

April 17 (6:00 pm) Science Center Hall C : Michael D. Johnson, "Photographing A Supermassive Black Hole With The Event Horizon Telescope"

April 18 (4:00 pm) Peter Galison's CMSA YIP Lecture at Science Center Hall titled A Philosophy of the Shadow

May 21 (11:00 am - 5:00 pm) BHI Conference: Introduction by Shep Doeleman and various panel discussions

May 24 (4:00 pm) Science Center Hall A: Shep Doeleman Special Colloquium "The Event Horizon Telescope: Seeing the Unseeable"