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What is Inside A Black Hole

Creating the first image of a black hole was an important milestone. But in many ways, the true value of the project lies in how it created an opportunity for researchers to change the way they explore the world.

Black holes represent a moment where our universe ends and folds back upon itself, where relativity and quantum physics collide. Back here on Earth, black holes do something similar – they bring people together from different disciplines to create collisions of thought.

Because black holes are the absolute boundary between what we know and what we don’t, this is a problem that cannot be solved by astronomers, physicists, or mathematicians alone. It also requires philosophers and people who can challenge researchers to think differently.

Cross-disciplinary dialogue isn’t always easy, but the Black Hole Initiative has led to a number of discussions that provide space for the unlimited possibility of collaboration. Read the full article on what is inside a black hole.