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Meet the People at the BHI

Kung-Yi Su

Black Hole Initiative


Kung-Yi has a Ph.D. in physics from Caltech. Before entering Caltech, he obtained his BSc in physics from National Taiwan University. Before joining BHI, he was a postdoc at CCA and Columbia University. Kung-Yi is interested in the physics nature of active galactic nuclei (AGN) feedback and how it affects the galaxy properties and black hole accretion. His other interests include understanding how fluid microphysics and cosmological processes interplay with AGN feedback and together affect the interstellar medium and circumgalactic medium. Kung-Yi has also been exploring how an AGN feedback model should physically scale when implemented in simulations of different scales.

Honorary Affiliate: Stephen Hawking

In Memoriam

Former Honorary Affiliate

Dennis Stanton Avery and Sally Tsui Wong-Avery Director of Research, Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge Physics

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