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Meet the People at the BHI

Shelley Cheng

Former BHI Graduate Student


Shelley Cheng is a third-year Peirce Fellowship graduate student at Harvard University, working with Prof. Charlie Conroy on eruptive mass loss in massive stars. She will be a full-time Research Analyst during the first half of 2023 at the Simons Foundation’s Flatiron Institute Center for Computational Astrophysics (CCA) as part of their Pre-Doctoral Program. She will be working with Matteo Cantiello, Mathieu Renzo, Yan-Fei Jiang, Phil Armitage, and Blakesley Burkhart. 

Honorary Affiliate: Stephen Hawking

In Memoriam

Former Honorary Affiliate

Dennis Stanton Avery and Sally Tsui Wong-Avery Director of Research, Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge Physics

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