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Send Me News from BHI

Send Me News from BHI

“Black Holes Are Finally in Vogue” – by Avi Loeb

Watch the full recording of the Colloquium by Avi Loeb, Director of the Black Hole Initiative at Harvard, hosted by the Copernicus Webinar Series. Abstract: With black holes, what you see is not what you get. They are extreme structures of spacetime that represent the ultimate prison, from where even light cannot escape. After decades of being […]

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Searching for Naked Singularities on the Sky – by Avi Loeb

The “cosmic censorship” hypothesis says they shouldn’t exist—but is it possible that we’ve already detected them and misinterpreted their nature? Read this new essay by BHI Director Avi Loeb on Scientific American. Read the full article

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Black Hole Team Discovers Path to Razor-Sharp Black Hole Images

Last April the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) sparked international excitement when it unveiled the first image of a black hole. Today, a team of researchers led by a group at the Harvard Black Hole Initiative (BHI) have published new calculations that predict a striking and intricate substructure within black hole images from extreme gravitational light bending.  “The […]

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Harvard Gazette describes the outreach work of Fabio Pacucci, BHI postdoc

Read this article on the Harvard Gazette about BHI postdoc Fabio Pacucci and his collaboration with TED-Ed, the educational branch of TED conferences. Harvard Gazette article

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Join us for the 7th Annual Black Hole Initiative Conference.

May 29-31, 2024

Gutman Conference Center, Cambridge, MA USA

Crossing the horizons of Black Hole Studies from the perspective of Astrophysics, Physics, Mathematics, Philosophy, and History of Science. Featuring: Adam Levine, Alex Maloney, Ana-Maria Raclariu, Ben Freivogel, Bernard Carr, Chiara Mingarelli, Dennis Overbye, Emily Liepold, Hong Liu, Jamee Elder, John Mather, Julian Sonner, Kimberly Arcand, Manus Visser, Mina Himwich, Niels Martens, Phil Hopkins, Rafaella Margutti, Sara Issaoun, Stefan Hollands, Surya Raghavendran, Thomas Ryckman, Tiziana di Matteo, Yambe Tam, and Robert Wald